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Top 5 Ways to Move to A Growth Mindset

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Help your child move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset

Fixed mindset v Growth mindset

As a parent you might have heard the term Fixed and Growth mindset mentioned many times at school. Whilst this has become a topic that has found its home on the educational landscape, it is more than just a trend. Something that often comes up in our coaching calls is parents asking how to help their child build confidence and resilience. Helping your child understand the difference between these two mindsets might just be the key to unlocking this for your child and the secret to new found success both in the classroom and beyond…

What is a fixed mindset?

Many of us have been taught to have a fixed mindset where we view our talents and intelligence as something we cannot change. We might recognise this as:

  • A fear of failure
  • Having a negative view of self 
  • A fear of making mistakes

Whilst it may seem that a fixed mindset is something that cannot be broken, there are easy ways to encourage a shift in mindset.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is believing that basic abilities are not fixed and that intelligence can be developed over time. Through effort and determination, intelligence and basic qualities can grow. We might recognise this as:

  • Failing forward – seeing mistakes as part of learning
  • Having a positive view of self
  • Feeling excited by a challenge

But the real question is, how can we help our children achieve this?

Move your child towards a growth mindset using our top 5 reframes:

It can be powerful to use mantras with your child to gently support them to view a situation differently. These are some of our favourites, why not give them a try!

  • This is hard – I will find this easier with practise
  • I can’t do it – I can’t do it YET
  • I’m either good at something or not – If I put the work in, I can become an expert 
  • I keep making mistakes – mistakes help me learn

In our tutoring sessions, we love using these mantras and work on building a growth mindset to build self confidence and a love of learning. 

Making this change can be tough and takes time.

Book a free discovery call with us today to find out which tutoring session or service is right for you and your child.

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