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A diagonal pattern of small pink brains representing neurodiversity
Kate Pattison


The 18th-24th March is currently neurodiversity celebration week and this is such a hot topic right now. It is also certainly one that we find ourselves having many conversations about

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The dictionary definition of Dyslexia
Jo Frost

Is My Child Dyslexic?

Dyslexia – this is a term that we hear and discuss with concerned parents a lot, so we wanted to share some information and how you can support your child.

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The word Power written in bright colours
Kate Pattison

Understanding the 11+

Knowledge is power! To really understand if the 11+ is the right route for your child, you will want to have all of the facts! The 11+ is a topic

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A child studying maths
Kate Pattison

Get to Grips with Modern Maths

‘That’s not how I was taught at school!’ Has your child brought home homework that looks very different to how you were taught at school? Have you tried supporting your

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