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Understanding the 11+

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To really understand if the 11+ is the right route for your child, you will want to have all of the facts!

The 11+ is a topic that has previously been shrouded in with many parents left with unanswered questions about what the exams are, who they are for and how they can help them prepare for them.

We are lifting the lid on the 11+  so we can demystify these exams and answer all your FAQs!

Who are these exams for?

These exams are typically taken by children in Year 6 prior to beginning their secondary education.

What are 11+ exams?

11+ exams are selective entrance exams and are part of the admissions process for state-funded grammar schools or fee paying independent schools.

They are designed to assess children’s academic suitability for these schools.

What is covered in these exams?

The subjects covered by these vary depending upon which country you live in and which school you are applying to.

However, the assessments typically include English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

What is the cost?
  • State funded schools, the exams are free but you do need to make an application (usually before the end of Year 5) to the local authority in order to sit them.
  • Fee-paying schools, these exams usually incur a fee of around £100 and applications are made directly with the school.


How are they graded?

As these exams are used as indication for a child’s suitability for a school but do not guarantee admission (an admission to the school will still seem to be made), children may be given a pass/fail grade or be told they are likely to gain a place. Alternatively, they may be given a standardised secondary Transfer Test Score. Scores of 121 or higher are considered for places.

If you are considering this route, we offer 11+ assessments for children in Year 4 or 5 which are designed to give parents an indication as to whether a child might be suited to the 11+ and identify areas they might need support with before sitting these exams.

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